Moral obligations towards our fellows and towards strangers – Who are we obliged to assist? (in Polish)

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Marta Soniewicka


The paper considers arguments concerning the obligation to assist strangers. It analyzes the problem of specifying obligations, which the inhabitants of the world have toward one another. The considerations focus on two closely connected questions: (1) what is the obligation to assist and what is its source? (2) what is the scope of the obligation to assist (who ought to assist whom)? The author considers the assumptions that are to be made if we take the obligation to assist distant strangers to be a duty of justice. The paper concentrates on the most frequent assumptions, which are of two kinds: (a) institutional and universal; (b) axiological and particular. It is pointed out, given various examples of international dilemmas, how these two types of arguments may justify a hierarchy of mutual obligations.


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Soniewicka, Marta. 2010. “Moral Obligations towards Our Fellows and towards Strangers – Who Are We Obliged to Assist? (in Polish)”. Diametros, no. 26 (December):166-87.
Special topic – Global justice
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Marta Soniewicka

dr Marta Soniewicka, Katedra Filozofii Prawa i Etyki Prawniczej UJ
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