Peer-review process

In order to guarantee the appropriate scholarly level of publications, all texts offered to our journal have to undergo a process of evaluation. Our reviewers are either in regular collaboration with Diametros as members of the Advisory Board or specialists who collaborate with Diametros on a more sporadic basis. In the peer-review process, we observe the following anonymity rules:  

(1) Articles submitted to our journal will be sent to reviewers without the name of the author. The Editors do not intend, however, to verify whether the author has not made any references to his/her other works in the text, which may enable his/her identification. It is only suggested that authors who deem it necessary to make references to their works do this in the ultimate draft of their article, submitted after the text has been accepted for publication.

(2) We will also observe the anonymity rule with regard to revealing the name of the reviewer to the author unless the reviewer explicitly expresses his/her request to have his/her name revealed to the author (this means that the name of the reviewer will not be deleted from the copy of the review form which is sent to the author). We assume, however, that the latter may occur by way of exception – acceptable if, e.g., the author and the reviewer are about to engage in a philosophically interesting exchange of comments – rather than as a rule.

Regardless of the decision of the reviewer and the Editorial Board, the author will get to know the relevant part of the review containing general assessment of the submitted text and pinpointing its shortcomings. Should an article be tentatively accepted, the review will indicate what requires corrections or modifications in the article.

We assume that few texts offered for publication will be accepted in their original form. With a view to enhancing the quality of articles published in our journal, in most of the cases we will request authors, whose texts have been tentatively accepted, to modify their texts in accordance with the reviewers’ suggestions. Occasionally, if the reviewer deems it advisable or indispensable, the modified version of an article will have to undergo the process of referee evaluation once again. 
All manuscripts submitted to Diametros in English are checked using iThenticate plagiarism detection system for duplicate and unattributed content. The Diametros publication process follows the guidelines of The Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)