The problem of global distributive justice in Rawls’s The Law of Peoples

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Marta Soniewicka


The essay "The Problem of Global Distributive Justice in The Law of Peoples by John Rawls" is concerned with the question of distributive claims of justice in the global realm. The conception of international justice developed by John Rawls in his book The Law of Peoples offers a very limited kind of distribution of goods beyond state borders, where the matter of the distribution of wealth is restricted to a single state. The Rawlsian point of view is frequently objected to by proponents of so-called cosmopolitanism, like Thomas Pogge or Charles Beitz, who argue for globalizing Rawlsian justice as fairness. Five objections that may be raised against the Rawlsian idea of limiting the scope of distributive justice are analysed: (1) the consistency problem; (2) the status of the principles of the law of peoples; (3) the method of justification; (4) the self-sufficiency of states; and (5) tolerance.


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Soniewicka, Marta. 2008. “The Problem of Global Distributive Justice in Rawls’s The Law of Peoples”. Diametros, no. 17 (September):45-59.
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