Modal Realism and Proper Names

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Piotr Warzoszczak


The paper discusses modal realism, as expounded by David Lewis, and points out some crucial difficulties of this wide-ranging philosophical position. An essential component of it is the counterpart theory, which has the unfortunate consequence of eliminating trans-world objects from our ontology. And this leads to an enormously anomalous behavior of proper names in modal sentences, seriously undermining the plausibility of modal realism.


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Warzoszczak, Piotr. 2008. “Modal Realism and Proper Names”. Diametros, no. 15 (March):74-93.
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Piotr Warzoszczak

Piotr Warzoszczak, student piątego roku filozofii na Uniwersytecie Szczecińskim, magistrant prof. US dr. hab. Tadeusza Szubki, główny przedmiot zainteresowań to zagadnienia skupione wokół redukcyjnych teorii modalności i filozofii Rudolfa Carnapa.
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