The good man vs. the good citizen in Aristotle’s Politics

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Tomasz Kuniński


In my article, I interpret a passage of Aristotle’s Politics, 1276b16-1277b30, in which he investigates the relation between the excellence of a good citizen and the excellence of a good man. I indicate that the Philosopher uses the adjectives spoudaios and agathos interchangeably. Analysing articles written in English, I attempt to show that the functional and the moral meaning of the adjective “good” in reference to a man are very similar. I also stress that, apart from some ambiguities, the analysed text is coherent with Aristotle’s political thought.


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Kuniński, Tomasz. 2007. “The Good Man Vs. The Good Citizen in Aristotle’s Politics”. Diametros, no. 12 (June):60-75.
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Tomasz Kuniński

Tomasz Kuniński - doktorant w Instytucie Filozofii Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego
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