Justice in Health Care from the Perspectives of the Various Theories of Liberal Egalitarianism (in Polish)

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Maciej Juzaszek


This article aims at presenting to the Polish reader a number of different conceptions of justice in health care, represented by the advocates of liberal egalitarianism. The author has given an overview of the most relevant, influential and representative theories, held by the liberal egalitarians, in order to present the way in which, in a democratic state, both just health care and respect for freedom and moral equality of individuals can be provided. The following issues will be discussed: John Rawls’s theory of justice, Norman Daniels’s theory of justice including health possibilities, varieties of luck egalitarianism, Ronald Dworkin’s “prudent insurance” ideal, Elizabeth Anderson’s democratic egalitarianism, a family of theories of egalitarianism of all kinds of luck and the theory of Shlomi Segall.


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Juzaszek, Maciej. 2014. “Justice in Health Care from the Perspectives of the Various Theories of Liberal Egalitarianism (in Polish)”. Diametros, no. 42 (December):106-23. https://doi.org/10.13153/diam.42.2014.684.
Special Topic - Cross sections of bioethics
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Maciej Juzaszek, Collegium Invisibile Scientific Society, Jagiellonian University

Maciej JuzaszekCollegium Invisibile Scientific Society,Jagiellonian University,Faculty of Law and Administration,Department of Legal Theory,12 Bracka St.Pl-31-005 Krakówe-mail: maciej.juzaszek@uj.edu.pl
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