The Antipostmodernity of Alain Badiou (in Polish)

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Andrzej Wasilewski


The article analyses Alain Badiou`s philosophy from the point of view of his relation to postmodernity. Alain Badiou is a political activist, mathematician, writer, playwright and literary critic. However, above all, he is a philosopher of the totality who attempts to give a thoroughgoing explanation of the world. This is the sense in which he is an anti-postmodernist. His whole philosophy is directed against sophistry. Badiou consistently builds his own system in order to oppose it to the philosophy of the twentieth century. He does not engage in dogmatic criticism. He goes further and repeatedly finds inspiration in the postmodern thought. Although his philosophy is evidently opposed to it, his anti-postmodernity should be considered a synthetic attempt to exceed two competing traditions (the modernist and the postmodernist one).


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Wasilewski, Andrzej. 2016. “The Antipostmodernity of Alain Badiou (in Polish)”. Diametros, no. 50 (December):97-117.
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Andrzej Wasilewski, University Paris 8

Andrzej Wasilewski, PhDnow PhD studentDoctoral School – Practices and theories of seanse,University Paris 82 rue de la Liberté93526 Saint-Denis


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