The Right to Private Property

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Tomasz Dzięgiel


The article considers the right to property according to John Locke, interpreted in the light of two mutually opposed positions: libertarian and Marxist. The former is represented by the American thinker R. Nozick; his adversary is G. Cohen. The views of I. Berlin and J. Rawls are also considered.

The first part concerns the right to property. For Locke this was a basic right, to which he attached the highest value. The second part of the article presents the problem of how private property arises. The third part considers the issue of limitations on the right to property.

Locke’s conception of property is a point of reference for libertarian, liberal, and Marxist thinkers. They differ from Locke, however, as regards the justification of property: Locke justifies property on a theological basis.


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Dzięgiel, Tomasz. 2005. “The Right to Private Property”. Diametros, no. 4 (June):1-11.
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Tomasz Dzięgiel, Uniwersytet Jagielloński

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