The Problem of Possibility and Necessity in the Philosophy of Kierkegaard (in Polish)

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Andrzej Słowikowski


The article is an attempt to analyze the problem of possibility and necessity in the pseudonymous works of Kierkegaard. The basic assumption adopted in the text is that Kierkegaard’s oeuvre should be read holistically. That is why what is initially analyzed separately are the mutually excluding statements of Climacus from the Philosophical Fragments and Anti-Climacus from The Sickness Unto Death. Subsequently, the article demonstrates the way in which their main theses can be linked, in the process of interpretation, to form a philosophically concise approach to the eponymous problem.


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Słowikowski, Andrzej. 2016. “The Problem of Possibility and Necessity in the Philosophy of Kierkegaard (in Polish)”. Diametros, no. 49 (September):103-20.
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Andrzej Słowikowski

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