Models, Metaphors, and Economic Theory (in Polish)

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Łukasz Hardt


The paper conceptualizes economic models as metaphors. It presents two different approaches to economic modeling. In the first one, economic models are treated as isolations which aim at representing the real world. In the second, they are conceptualized according to various philosophical approaches that are close to fictionalism. The aim of such modeling is to persuade and not to represent. Next, the author tries to escape the dichotomy between models as isolations and models as purely rhetorical devices by referring to N. Cartwright’s understanding of economic models. The issue of their realism is also considered. The final conclusion states that models (in economics) are very similar to metaphors.


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Hardt, Łukasz. 2014. “Models, Metaphors, and Economic Theory (in Polish)”. Diametros, no. 41 (September):13-37.
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Łukasz Hardt, University of Warsaw

Łukasz Hardt, Ph.D.University of WarsawFaculty of Economic SciencesDługa St. 44/5000-241 Warsaw, Polande-mail:
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