Does the Liberal Archipelago really require no group rights? On the multiculturalism of Chandran Kukatha (in Polish)

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Michał Dudek


The aim of the article is to present an important doubt concerning the multiculturalism of Chandran Kukathas. First, his strong critique of group rights and his vision of the Liberal Archipelago, which can be considered as a certain ideal of a state marked by cultural pluralism, is reconstructed and presented. Then it is argued, that contemporary states could not make hypothetical attempts to realize, to “get closer” to this ideal without a complex system of group rights. This can be considered as a paradox, or even an inconsistency in the doctrine of Chandran Kukathas, who explicitly repudiates group rights.


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Dudek, Michał. 2012. “Does the Liberal Archipelago Really Require No Group Rights? On the Multiculturalism of Chandran Kukatha (in Polish)”. Diametros, no. 31 (March):22-32.
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Michał Dudek, Jagiellonian University

Michał Dudek, M.A. in Law Jagiellonian University Faculty of Law and Administration Department of Sociology of Law ul. Bracka 12 Pl-31-005 Kraków e-mail:
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