The problem of the foundation of knowledge and the status of ethics - David Hume's views on the nature of moral judgments. [In Polish]

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Marcin Pietrzak


Hume’s moral philosophy is a source of notorious problems which are rooted in the generally accepted interpretational model. This model is based on the supposition that Hume's philosophy can be fully analyzed from the point of view of the Locke-Berkeley tradition supported by Kant’s recognition of the nature of Humean philosophy. Nevertheless, a deeper analysis of Hume’s arguments shows that the epistemology and moral philosophy of the Treatise was influenced by Scottish common sense philosophers as well as by the father of the Scottish Enlightenment, Francis Hutcheson.


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Pietrzak, Marcin. 2010. “The Problem of the Foundation of Knowledge and the Status of Ethics - David Hume’s Views on the Nature of Moral Judgments. [In Polish]”. Diametros, no. 24 (June):24-44.
Special topic – Interpretations of David Hume
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Marcin Pietrzak

Marcin Pietrzak - dr, Uniwersytet Opolski
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