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Szymon S. Nowak


In my paper I present David Hume's philosophy from the perspective of Charles Sanders Peirce's theory of signs. I argue that by interpreting impressions and ideas as iconic signs it is possible to avoid many inconsistencies in Hume's philosophy. Apart from that it makes possible to avoid Hume's scepticism about the existence of the external world by introducing Peirce's concept of the dynamic and immediate object. What is more, the generative structure of signs helps us to deal with the "gmissing shade of blue" problem.


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Nowak, Szymon S. 2010. “Sing-Ing Hume”. Diametros, no. 24 (June):14-23.
Special topic – Interpretations of David Hume
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Szymon S. Nowak

Szymon S. Nowak - student w Instytucie Filozofii Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego
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