The ethics of citation: copyright law and good manners

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Sybilla Stanisławska - Kloc


In academic work citation is a useful and often necessary tool to present literally the views of other authors. Its importance has also been recognized by Polish law, which in the act about copyrights and related rights introduced appropriate regulations regarding citations. Citations are a permissible way of using the work of others, making it possible to balance the rights of authors on the one hand and those of users on the other, thus assuring the development of science and its dissemination, the advancement of civilization, and the freedom of expression. The ability to use the results of other authors allows for scientific activity, which of its nature requires reference to and use of the work of others. Due to the frequent and varied use of the work of others in scientific activity, in addition to legal regulations, ethical norms and good academic practices play an important role in establishing the limits of permissible citations. As a result of numerous recent improprieties, the issue of citations, or more precisely of the proper acknowledgment of a cited work, has taken on ever greater significance in the context of the phenomenon of plagiarism. The present article considers such issues and others such as second hand citation, autocitation, autoplagiarism, and the citation of fictional authors and of “fictional” works.


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Stanisławska - Kloc, Sybilla. 2009. “The Ethics of Citation: Copyright Law and Good Manners”. Diametros, no. 19 (March):160-84.
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Sybilla Stanisławska - Kloc, Uniwersytet Jagielloński

dr Sybilla Stanisławska - Kloc - Instytut Prawa Własności Intelektualnej, Uniwersytet Jagielloński
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