Diametros invites scholars and researchers to contribute to a special issue focusing on bioethics and political philosophy. 

Bioethics discusses problems of political significance, such as the distribution of resources, regulating research with human participants, limiting new technologies in biomedicine (e.g., germline gene modification), the value and limits of privacy, ownership of body parts, conflicts between individual and public goods in healthcare and others. Nevertheless, thus far there has been relatively little exploration on how bioethics relates to political philosophy. Exploring topics on the intersection between these fields is particularly important in the context of issues such as public health emergencies, vaccine hesitancy, science skepticism, and the decline of public trust. On the one hand, this exchange can help bioethics move forward by drawing on current work in political philosophy. On the other, canonical discussions in political philosophy (such as on distributive justice, social equality, the limits of state authority, freedom, and domination) can all benefit from a better appreciation of the ethical aspects of health.


Practical details

Possible contributions may include (but are not limited to)

  • The justice principle in bioethics (also in global and/or historical perspective) and wider social justice concerns.
  • Cost-effectiveness and discrimination in health care rationing.
  • Property and patenting in biomedicine and pharmacology.
  • Freedom and paternalism in clinical medicine.
  • Interaction between political theory and bioethics.

We particularly welcome papers on topics on deliberative approaches, legitimacy, and justice in relation to health.

  • How can deliberative approaches help build trust or address legitimate distrust?
  • How would deliberation frameworks work for biomedical issues with global scope (e.g., pandemics, or health effects of climate change)?
  • Public engagement, patient organizations, and trust in biomedical sciences.
  • Applications of feminist and critical theory approaches as well as philosophy of race and gender in relation to bioethical problems involving trust and discriminated groups.


Papers prepared for blind review can be submitted to Diametros by the 30th of June 2024 through our submission site: https://diametros.uj.edu.pl/diametros/about/submissions 

The accepted articles will be published immediately after acceptance in Early View and the special issue is scheduled for December 2024 or March 2025. 

Editors: Elena Popa (Interdisciplinary Centre for Ethics, Jagiellonian University) & Tomasz Żuradzki (Institute  of Philosophy & Interdisciplinary Centre for Ethics, Jagiellonian University)