The modal status of mathematical statements (in Polish)

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Daniel Chlastawa


The paper contains an analysis of three counterexamples to the view that all mathematical statements are necessary, i.e. necessarily true or necessarily false: an argument from contingent, relational, empirical properties, an argument from properties based on conventional representations and an argument from model relativity. The first and the second argument can be rejected easily, while to answer the third argument one has to adopt a quite strong set-theoretic realism.


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Chlastawa, Daniel. 2011. “The Modal Status of Mathematical Statements (in Polish)”. Diametros, no. 30 (December):2-12.
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Daniel Chlastawa, University of Warsaw

Daniel Chlastawa, MA University of Warsaw Department of Philosophy ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 3 Pl-00-927 Warszawa e-mail:
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