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  • Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society. ALWS zosta┼éo za┼éo┼╝one w 1974 r. w Kirchbergu w Dolnej Austrii. Celem towarzystwa jest wspieranie bada┼ä nad my┼Ťl─ů Ludwiga Wittgensteina i w og├│le analityczn─ů filozofi─ů. Od 1976 towarzystwo organizuje co roku mi─Ödzynarodowe Sympozja Wittgensteinowskie.

  • North American Wittgenstein Society. “It is a sign of our intellectual times that Wittgenstein’s later work is not a major factor in current philosophical practice and that the thought and work of his Oxonian and American offspring (often called ‘ordinary language philosophy’) has fallen into even greater disfavor. Philosophy is suffering thereby. It is the aim of the North American Wittgenstein Society to begin the rectification of that situation by providing means for philosophical thought and work in the broad Wittgensteinian tradition exemplified in his Philosophical Investigations. The area to be covered is not merely the later Wittgenstein, but also those significant philosophers who arose in connection with his later thought: e.g. Austin, Ryle, Strawson, Bouwsma, Cavell, Searle.... While some of the sponsored work will be expository and exegetical, the Society especially encourages original philosophical thought in the manner of ‘ordinary language philosophy’.”

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