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Academic articles

Barak A., English N., Prospects and Limitations of Psychological Testing on the Internet

Behnke S. Diagnoses, record reviews and the new Ethics Code

Berndt D.J., Ethical and professional considerations in psychological assessment

Brickman A.M., Cabo R., Manly J.J., Ethical Issues in Cross-Cultural Neuropsychology

Brodsky S.L, Galloway V.A., Ethical and Professional Demands for Forensic Mental Health Professionals in the Post-Atkins Era

Butcher J.N., Pope K.S., Seven issues in Conducting Forensic Assessments: Ethical Responsibilities in Light of New Standards and New Tests

Butcher J.N. Pope K.S., The MMPI-A in Forensic Assessment

Callard F., Psychiatric diagnosis: the indispensability of ambivalence

Cates J.A., The art of assessment in psychology

Finn S.E., Tonsager M.E., Information-gathering and therapeutic models of assessment: complementary paradigms

Foxcroft C.D., Ethical issues related to psychological testing in Africa: what I have learned (so far)

Frances A.J., DSM 5 Is Guide Not Bible—Ignore Its Ten Worst Changes

Frances A.J., Diagnostic Ethics: Harms/Benefits, Somatic Symptom Disorder

Giordano J., Towards a new psychiatry: Philosophical and ethical issues in classification, diagnosis and care

Kalmbach K.C., Lyons P.M., Ethical issues in conducting forensic evaluations

Knauss L.K., Ethical issues in psychological assessment in school settings

Koocher G.P., Rey-Casserly C.M., Ethical Issues in Psychological Assessment

Meyer G.J., Finn S.E., Eyde L.D., Kay G.G., Moreland K.L., Dies R.R., Eisman E.J., Kubiszyn T.W., Reed G.M., Psychological testing and psychological assessment. A review of evidence and issues

Pope K.S., Responsibilities in Providing Psychological Test Feedback to Clients

Pope K.S., Butcher J.N., Seelen J., Deposition & Cross-Examination Questions on Tests & Psychometrics

Pope K.S., Butcher J.N., Seelen J., The MMPI, MMPI–2, and MMPI–A in Court: A Practical Guide for Expert Witnesses and Attorneys, Third Edition

Winiewska-Toeplitz M., The ethical and practical aspects of psychological diagnosis in forensic evaluation

Academic journals:

European Journal of Psychological Assessment

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