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The online service of DIAMETROS at the Institute of Philosophy of the Jagiellonian University was established in the Spring of 2004. Its first division, from which it takes its name, was the Online Journal of Philosophy, presently accessible on the Journal page. This earliest part of the site was soon joined by others. At our discussion Forum, three-day-long debates (internet symposia) are conducted among previously invited guests. Our News division provides information about conferences, lectures by visiting scholars, and other important events in the Polish philosophical community that have been sent to us by correspondents in various Polish cities and at numerous universities. The Links division includes internet addresses that might be of use to persons interested in philosophy. Finally, there is the Literature division, which in time will include selected bibliographic materials concerning various areas, branches, or parts of philosophy that have been recommended by our advisors.

Each of the above divisions of our service consists of further subdivisions. Our site map will help the Reader find his way around this multi-level construction.

The majority of the divisions and subdivisions of our service have both Polish and English versions. We hope our journal will become not only the principal online organ of Polish philosophy, but also a place of encounter for philosophers from all over the world.

In carrying out these undertakings and plans we are assisted by our Advisory Board, which consists of over forty specialists from various Polish centers; we also receive help from many other generous benefactors. We wish to express our gratitude to them all!

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