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Instytucje, organizacje i blogi

California Association of School Psychologists - "The Vision of the California Association of School Psychologists is to foster the social, emotional and academic wellbeing of all students by collaborating with families, school staff, and the community to ensure that students are educated in schools that support equity, access, and respect for all."

College of Education, University of Texas at Austin - "The mission of the College of Education is to recreate the landscape of education by providing research-based programs to prepare leaders who will empower tomorrow's citizens as lifelong learners; developing and disseminating knowledge; and contributing innovative ideas and leadership to solve the problems of a diverse society."

Division of Educational and Child Psychology, British Psychological Society – "The Division of Educational and Child Psychology (DECP) promotes the professional interests of educational and child psychologists. We aim to develop psychology as a profession and as a body of knowledge and skills. We support our members by providing training and advice, by holding regular events, and by keeping members up to date with the latest divisional news."

Educational Psychology: Division 15, American Psychological Association – "The purposes of this organization shall be to expand psychological knowledge and theory relevant to education, to extend the application of psychological knowledge and services to all aspects of education, to develop professional opportunities in educational psychology, to further the development of psychological theory through the study of educational processes, and to promote cooperation and joint action with others having similar or related purposes."

Florida Association of School Psychologists - "The mission of FASP is to advocate for the mental health and educational development of Florida's children, youth, and families and to advance the profession of school psychology."

Idaho School Psychologist Association - "The Idaho School Psychologist Association is a professional organization that represents and advocates solely for Idaho School Psychologists. Your membership brings you many benefits, among which are professional development activities, a professional newsletter, and trained leadership to answer your questions and listen to your concerns."

Nebraska School Psychologists Association

School Psychology: Division 16, American Psychological Association – "Our division represents the interests of psychologists engaged in the delivery of comprehensive psychological services in schools and other applied settings to children, adolescents and their families. Div. 16 members receive our peer-reviewed journal, School Psychology Quarterly, and triannual newsletter, The School Psychologist."

International Association for Cognitive Education and Psychology - "IACEP engages in a variety of activities to further our mission. These activities include: biennial international conferences and regional conferences during in-between years; hard copy and on-line publication of a professional scientific journal (JCEP); keeping members up to date on events in the field (association newsletters); development and maintenance of the IACEP website, at promotion of professional training in cognitive education; facilitates networking of cognitive education and cognitive psychology enthusiasts (member directory, forums, interest groups, junior researchers, leadership activities)."

International School Psychology Association (ISPA)- "The International School Psychology Association (ISPA) welcomes you to our website. ISPA has been proud to promote the work of school psychologists world-wide since the early 1970s. We provide training, resources, and a global community to school psychologists or those interested in the field. You can follow ISPA on."

National Association of School Psychologists - "Mission: NASP empowers school psychologists by advancing effective practices to improve students’ learning, behavior, and mental health."

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